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Attending Estate Sales

We Send An Email One Week Prior To Each Sale. If You Would Like To Join Our Mailing List, please go to the Contact Us tab above, and send us an email.
When to arrive...
"The Early Bird Gets the Worm" applies to most sales. A few die-hard buyers compete to be the first in line on order to get first pick of the goodies. They may arrive two, three, or more hours before the scheduled opening time and wait in line. Typically, the rest of the serious crowd arrives within the half hour before opening. (We do not open the doors or allow purchases before the published opening time.) That doesn't mean that a late-comer won't have a chance. It would be very difficult for the first people in line to grab everything in an average size house. There is always plenty for everyone.
We sometimes receive special instructions from sellers to allow family members or the purchasers of the real estate to purchase some items before they are offered to the public. We resist that activity and remind the consignors that it can hurt the sale. If they insist, we try to make those purchases occur before we advertise the sale.  But sometimes we get the request at the last minute. Of course, it is their merchandise, and we are working for them. We must respect their wishes. So please don't be upset if you come in to find an item gone or marked sold. It's beyond our control when that happens.
How It Works...
We price significant peices of furniture and other difficult-to-carry items with divided tags.  Each half of the tag is marked with the description and the price. If you want to purchase that item, simply write your name and "SOLD" on the top half of the tag and leave it on the item. Tear off the bottom half and bring it to the checkout table for payment. Any item that has the bottom half of the tag removed and a person's name on the top half will be considered sold to that person. If the buyer is not clearly identified on the top half of the tag to take responsibility for its purchase, we won't consider it sold and it may be sold to the next interested party. If you tear off a tag and then change your mind, please let a sale worker know so we can re-tag it for sale.
Small items that can be hand-carried are typically priced using stickers or small tags. There will also be items that aren't marked individually, such as clothing, linens, kitchen glasses and mugs, cleaning supplies, etc. There will be signs posted showing the prices for those items. Finally, miscellaneous unmarked bric-a-brac is typically  a quarter each. All small items are purchased by bringing them to the checkout table.
In general, prices are not negotiable on the first day of a sale. We price things fairly and as reasonably as possible to invite purchase on the first day. On the second day, prices are reduced. The amount of reduction is a function of the value and desirability of the item. Sometimes waiting until the second day will result in a bargain. However, there is always the risk that someone will buy it on the first day or that an offer will be left for the item, leaving you empty-handed.

Current Sales:

May 26-29

Kalmia Hill


Future Sales:

There are no sales scheduled for the summer



Our sales are conducted by appointment only





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